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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

"Don't need any help. I work solo mio."

If I'm not running with my kids, I'm running by myself. I'm too slow for my husband (he lost over 100 pounds by running and now he's faster then me) and I get up too early for most other people. A part of me thinks that I would enjoy running with others; the companionship, the shared enjoyment of sweating, and pushing one another to be better. Deep down, though, I'm a loner. I enjoy running by myself; being able to think, pray, blow my nose into my shirt, and sing out loud without horrifying those around me.        

I tend to take the same route with motherhood. Living far away from family and friends limits my opportunities to complain to other people about my children. Complaining via phone or facebook just isn't the same. (Although my mother always does a good job listening and laughing when it's appropriate.) There's just something about sitting across from a friend, laughing so hard you could cry, wanting to cry when you hear about something they're going through, and just feeling comfortable in each other's presence. There are a few people I feel that way about and luckily I was able to spend some time with one of them today.

I've know Elena for a long time. We were inseparable at one point, getting into trouble and eating cup o' noodles soups while sitting on my kitchen counter. As with most teenage girls drama happens and we drifted apart. Fast forward to about two years ago when we reconnected and found out we were both pregnant. There's something about pregnancy and motherhood that draws women together. Its common ground that helps us to understand that we're not alone. That there are other women out there struggling with the same things we are; insecurities about parenting, uncertainties about the choices we make for our children, and most of all hysterical antidotes.             
Tonight I was reminded how important it is to walk with other women on this path of motherhood. Perhaps I can be persuaded to start sharing my runs. Any takers?  

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