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Friday, August 24, 2012

Product review: Softcup

So I am not a huge fan of change. I've been using the same Martha Stewart K-Mart towels since college. Just recently, after 10 plus years, I switched running shoe brands. It takes a great deal of controlled breathing and inner dialogue to get me to give up the old and familiar. Which is why, frankly, I was shocked to find myself signing up for the Softcup challenge spearheaded by the website For The Love of the Run.

Simply put, Softcup is an alternative to tampons or pads. Who knew there was such a thing? Period protection is one of those things I've just never thought about. 

As a runner, using tampons can be tricky. Who wants to change a tampon during a race? In a port-a-potty? Ugh. The worst is when you have a bowel movement. There's little to no chance of escaping that situation without having to change your tampon. Not so with the Softcup. It sits nice and securely around your cervix and not in your vaginal canal like a tampon. In addition, with a Softcup you have 12 worry-free hours and there have been no reported cases of Toxic Shock Syndrome. 

I will admit that I was nervous, at first, about using the Softcup. I read everything I could about it and watched tutorial videos like they're were going out of style. The Softcup website is very clear and forthcoming with their explanations. I felt as if they understood my anxiety and provided me with the comfort and support I needed to take the plunge. 

As it turned out, my nervousness and hesitancy was unfounded. It was easy to insert, a little more tricky to remove, but not enough to detour me from using it in the future. I don't know that I will stop using tampons entirely, but I like knowing there are options. I will definitely use Softcup while on long training runs and during races. The last thing you want to worry during a 26.2 mile race is having to change a tampon.

Thank you, For The Love of The Run, for introducing me to this great product. As Sheryl Crowe so aptly put it "A Change Will Do You Good."  

Disclaimer: I am being compensated for this review, but the views and opinions expressed are my own.

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