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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

second sweats

There is a phenomena in running that my husband & I have dubbed the "second sweats".

Second sweats happens after you have already run and have already showered. You're nice and clean, smelling fresh like a daisy and then BAM! You're sweating. Your internal core temperature is rising with every passing second. That clean shirt you just put on? Soaked. Ladies, let's not even talk about your bra and underwear.

Second sweats makes me claustrophobic. The idea of even putting on clothes makes my skin crawl. However, since I'm not a nudist, I needed to find something that was loose, comfortable, and strong enough to stand up against the dreaded second sweats.

Enter the house coat.

White Stag Women's Snap Front Border Duster
*photo courtesy of Walmart.com*

I know, I know. Only grandmas wear house coats. Mine actually doesn't but that's because she is a hip chick. I am not a hip chick. I am a 32 year old, mother of 3, suffering from claustrophobia due to second sweats and I LOVE my house coat.

Now, the house coat doesn't eliminate the second sweats. It merely makes them a little more bearable. Cold showers help but the only way to avoid them it to take time after your run to FULLY cool down. Who has time for that? I do not. I will, therefore in the privacy of my own home, wear my house coat proudly while chanting "DOWN WITH THE SECOND SWEATS!" 

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