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Monday, November 2, 2015

maybe that's why I keep doing it

As part of my application for the 50 States Marathon Club, I need to list the details of the 10 marathons I have run.

Considering I started in 2007, the particulars are a little fuzzy.

Thankfully, there is a website, marathonguide.com, that outshines all websites and contains race results from EVERY marathon from the beginning of time. Or at least from 2000 - which is super helpful for a forgetful Nelly like me.

As I was searching through the results last night, cutting and pasting each race, it was a little surreal.

On paper, its just a bunch of numbers; date, time, place. But to me, each one was experience and the memories came flooding back: the wall I hit at mile 18 during the Flying Pig when I was sure I was going to die. Crossing the finish line at the New York City Marathon and sobbing hysterically. Signing up for the Richmond Marathon two days after running New York and swearing that I would NEVER run another marathon again. Running the Knoxville Marathon and momentarily contemplating cutting the course so that the misery would end. Convincing my running partner to run her first marathon and then crossing that finish line with her at the Rocket City Marathon in Huntsville, Alabama. Begging everyone that loves me to help me take care of my life (ie: packet pick up, babysitting) so that I could get to the starting line of the Pittsburgh Marathon. Running loop after hilly loop in West Virginia among the beautiful changing leaves. And then number 10: the Carolina Marathon: the first marathon my husband and I actually ran at the same time. Not together mind you, but at the same time.    

Running a marathon is life changing. It only takes one to join the club. You can legitimately include it in your obituary. Life seems different after you run 26.2 miles. You learn that you are far more capable then you could ever have imagined. More able to push past the doubts and do something amazing. Running 10 just compounds it. It makes me feel like a freaking super hero.    

Maybe that's why I keeping doing it.

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