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Monday, February 22, 2016

50k training: weeks 2 & 3

Week 2 was cold. Below freezing on the morning I was supposed to run with the boys in the stroller. I determined that no one had time for toddler popsicles so I ran later that night at the gym on the treadmill. The rest of the week was uneventful.

I spent week 3 in Ohio visiting my in-laws. After being diagnosed with breast cancer 18 months ago, my mother in law has been referred to hospice care. I was hoping our visit would uplift their spirits and give me something to do other then clench my teeth and be sad. I knew that it would be difficult to get my miles in so I went into the week with a loose schedule and a relaxed frame of mind. Thankfully, my father in law understands my need to run and was super helpful and willing to watch the kids so I could go for a quick run.

I ended up with 8 miles - 1 run done during a snowstorm and the other on beautifully plowed streets. The kids kindly shared, what I affectionately call the CRUD (nighttime vomiting and diarrhea), with the rest of the household so I lost a day to laying around trying to staying alive. After a 13 1/2 hr trip home, I made the wise decision to skip my long run on Saturday and sleep.

So, we're starting Week 4 with fresh legs AND a new treadmill! Yes, I have become one of THOSE people. My amazing husband bought me a treadmill, a NordicTrack 1650c, to be exact.

I'm looking forward to using it on those days when I need to split my miles into two runs and when it's in everyone's best interest for the boys to have their morning nap. I will post a review after I've put a few miles on it. Fingers crossed it does all the fabulous things that its supposed to do.

Week 4

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