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Thursday, December 1, 2011

"A plague a' both your houses!"

It is 11:27am and I'm still in my pajamas. The kids are dressed though so I'm putting a mark in the win column for today.

Illness has taken over the Parry household. My son has a double ear infection and both Seth and I are both battling head colds. Being sick stinks. Being sick and being a Mom at the same time stinks. Being sick and being a Mom far away from family stinks. When you're a Mom (especially a stay at home Mom) there are no sick days. Life goes on and doesn't really care if you can't breathe through your nose or swallow. So you do what you can. Make sure diapers get changed, kids gets fed, and everyone is wearing comfy clothes. There are tissues in every room, medicines on every counter and OJ in the fridge.

Little Miss E is the currently the healthiest one in the house. It is safe to say that my daughter believes this is her world and the rest of us just live in it. While we were driving to the Dr's office yesterday she screamed the ENTIRE way, not because anything was wrong, just because she could. One of her new words is "stuck". Everything is stuck. Her socks are stuck. The truck is stuck. She's stuck in her high chair, stuck in her car seat. Each time I caught her eye in the mirror, she would throw her arms up in the "pick me up NOW" position and say "stuck". Finally, after hearing me repeat it so many times W said, "E, you are not stuck." I think if she knew how she would have stuck her tongue out at him.

There will be no running today. I don't think I even have the strength to push the stroller up the driveway, let alone for 4 miles. Tomorrow is another day and hopefully it will include the ability to swallow.

(P.S. Seth leaves for a conference tomorrow afternoon. It will be just the kids and I for 3 full days. Stay tuned. It will be like Real World: Toddler edition)

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