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Saturday, January 7, 2012

New Year... New Adventure

It's a new year and I'm embarking on a new adventure. In July, I offered to watch our friends' soon to be born daughter. At the time, I was all like "I got this. I already have two. How could 3 be any different?" Well, I'm not ashamed to admit that I was wrong. It's not the baby. She's wonderful. A smushy, chunky, ball of baby smiles. She just wants her food and a comfy place to sleep. I can handle that. It's the jealous 15 month old I can't handle.

At first, E was content to pet Baby K like a cat or a small dog. She even offered toys to Baby K when she was fussy. Then it was time to feed Baby K. Those beautiful blue eyes turned a nasty shade of green. Suddenly, E wanted to be on my lap too. Then she wanted to get down so that she could bring me a book and give me this pathetic look that I translated into "Mommy pretty pretty please with a cherry on top will you read me this book because you obviously love that baby more then you love me". Have you ever tried to comfort a crying toddler while feeding an infant? With one hand? I had to use my chin to hold the bottle.

After I put Baby K down for her first nap, E followed me around the house whinging and whining. Between hugs and reading every single "That's not my...." book we have in the house, I was able to get one casserole dish cleaned. All day. One dish. That's all I got done. Thank goodness for husbands and weekends otherwise this house would be like a nasty TLC hoarders episode.    

E was in a much better mood when she got up from her nap. I'm sure as the weeks pass she'll get over her jealousy and embrace her role as a "big sister." Let's hope we all survive till then.

You might be wondering where W was when all this was happening. Most of the time he was playing with his trucks except for the 45 minutes he sat on the potty because I forgot he was there. He didn't even go. It's a good thing my kids are cute.

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