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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

"you can't always get what you want"

With the help of the knowledgeable world wide web, I have diagnosed myself with plantar fasciitis of the left heel. I've been blessed with feet that a ballerina would envy. Unfortunately, I am not nearly tall or skinny enough to be a white swan, so I'm left with high arches and a love for flat shoes. Not a good combination.

Thankfully, it doesn't hurt while running, but I can't walk around the house barefoot, and I've been googling ugly orthopedic shoes. It really is a shame that people with foot problems have to wear ugly shoes - and expensive ones at that. I've been rocking my Birkenstock sandals - the only downside is that it is February, and my feet get cold. I've been icing my heels, stretching my calves, and rolling a tennis ball under my arches. A fellow runner suggested I purchase a Strassburg sock to wear at night (see below).
 Product Details
 It stretches your calf, achilles, and heel while you sleep. Helpful, yes. Attractive, no. 

I've only been injured a handful of times during my running career. Occasional issues with shin splints (I used to saran wrap ice to my shins while I sat at my desk at work) and random knee trouble, but nothing that has kept me from running long term or affected my daily life. I'm hoping this heel nonsense won't come to that. Being injured is inconvenient. There are races I want to run - races I have already signed up for, and weight that I need to lose (Valentine's Day was a chocolate free-for-all and it hasn't really stopped). Once again, I'm being forced to take measure of my body and what it's telling me. Silly heel. I don't want to listen. I want to wear cute, flat shoes and have warm feet. That's not in the cards right now, but as long as I can rock the Shamrock hat I just ordered for the half marathon next month, I will be a happy girl.           

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