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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Merry Christmas and why YOU should run in the Winter

Merry belated Christmas!

My family and I have been on the road, visiting family, since the beginning of December. 3 states, 3 Christmas celebrations, lots of presents, and even more opportunities to eat cookies.

I've never met a cookie I didn't like.

Even though we're on vacation, there is no vacation from running. I've probably run about 50 miles or so since we left. I went from running in shorts and a short sleeve shirt in GA to wearing cold weather tights and a jacket in NY. 

In celebration of winter running I thought I would re-post my Top Ten Reasons why you should Run in Cold Weather....


1. If you're embarrassed about being out there, don't be. No one else is out there, it's too cold (even in GA), and even if they are they're too busy trying to stay warm to pay attention to you. 
2. It's the perfect time to hide that body under layers of clothing. Every runner looks fat in the winter. If you start now you'll be skinny and svelte to wear spandex in the summer. 
3. When else is it socially acceptable to blow your nose in to your shirt and wear your snots proudly?
4. You can be like me and brag to anyone that will listen that you ran in ____ degree weather. I promise they'll be impressed.
5. Cold weather running gear is fun! Fun hats, gloves, jackets... the options are endless. I personally like to rock a multicolored neon headband that my mother-in-law crocheted for me. (Seth is wearing it in the first picture)
6. It's a good way to beat those winter blues. No one likes a cranky pants. Even if you only go out for 20 minutes it will clear your head, make you feel better about life, and save someone from having to give you an attitude adjustment.  
7. You don't sweat as much. Or at least its harder to tell that you're sweating - it could be frost.
8. The skin that's exposed to the air turns this awesome red color. It makes you look healthy.
9. Running in the winter will make you faster. The faster you move, the faster you'll be done and back in your nice, warm house.   
10. Hot chocolate! It stands to reason that if you burned enough calories running in the freezing cold you should be able to reward yourself with some hot chocolate goodness. 

C'mon people join the revolution! Running the winter is fun, unless you get hypothermia.That would be bad. So use some common sense, dress appropriately, and have a good time. Note: if you're squeamish about boogers, bring tissues.


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