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Saturday, December 22, 2012

the one where I go bright and bold

I've been living a very colorful life recently. If you can't tell by the picture my new running sneakers are purple, hot pink, and lime green. They are quite striking. They also match my neon running headband perfectly. I've been turning heads.

I've moved back to my trusty Asics GT series. I was a little hesitant considering my New Balances helped me PR in practically every race this year. Hopefully, the neon power will give me that extra little push.  

I also got a pair of trail shoes, Yes, that's right, a pair of shoes dedicated solely to the pursuit of trail greatness. I have no choice but to use them or my running log shoe mileage counter will mock me. They are also bright and bold. I have a thing for color. 

I'm excited to see where these two pairs of shoes will carry me in 2013. Two marathons, another trail race... a whole new set of PR's? 

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