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Sunday, January 13, 2013

this one is all Heather's fault....

Oops, I did it again.

No, I didn't shave my head or attack a photographer with an umbrella a la Brittney Spears. Rather I registered for another trail race.

A half marathon.

On February 23. Roughly a month and 10 days from now. 2 days before I leave for my romantic, 10 year wedding anniversary trip to Paris with my long suffering husband.

I was actually planning on doing this race, the full, next year. On a whim, I posted the race link on my facebook page asking if anyone wanted to run it with me next year. A friend commented and asked if I would consider doing the half.

Commence inner dialogue:
Huh? The half? No, I can't.... wait. Why can't I? It would be good to check out the course since I am planning on running the full. *checks training schedule* Oooo... I'm supposed to run 13 miles that weekend anyway...

10 minutes later a registration confirmation pops up in my inbox.

Sometimes, I wonder how these things happen.

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