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Thursday, June 27, 2013

crazy is as crazy does

Running makes me do crazy things.

For instance, more then once, I've gotten up at 4:30 am to get my miles in. I have run in the pouring rain more times then I can count. Last year, I ran down an icy, snowy, windy mountain despite the real possibility of something bad happening. Just recently, I ran three times in one day. Oh and then there's those pesky 5 marathons I've run. Not to mention the ultra marathon I'm supposed to be running in September.

Oh wait it gets better.

Just yesterday, my husband and I decided to push our departure date back one day so we could run in a local road race. So now I'm changing my vacation plans so I CAN RUN IN A RACE.

See what I mean? Running makes me do crazy things.

What crazy things have you done for the love of the run? Let your freak flag fly people!


  1. Pfft. You're not crazy. Just dedicated.

    I signed up for a half marathon before I even finished c25K because I knew I would be more willing to stick with it if I had a real race on the books.

  2. Jennifer, races are a great way to keep you on track :)

  3. um...well. I was determined to do the hershey half as my first this year.. so what if its my wedding anniversary weekend, right? baha.

  4. lol two things to celebrate! I call that a win win.