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Saturday, June 15, 2013

mother, wife, daughter, running partner?

Running has brought me many things; joy, peace, a sense of self, pride in my accomplishments and most recently it has been the catalyst for creating new friendships and deepening the ones I already have.

When I started running, specifically longer distances, I couldn't find anyone to join me. I'm not the most out going person in the world so I was loathe to join in on the local running club's weekend runs. I've logged many miles by myself and began to believe I enjoyed hitting the road all by my lonesome.

Enter Austina.

Austina and her husband (photo courtesy of Austina)
 After losing 40 lbs, she has started running again and thankfully has picked me to be her running partner. I'm someone's running partner. Huh. Not necessarily a title I thought I would ever have but I'm loving it.

We usually run together once a week and use that time to vent, laugh, and talk about running. I've really started to look forward to these runs; to share what I love about running, and just getting to know her better.

If your running life is getting a little stale, lacking some sparkle, or just becoming too routine - go find someone to run with. It will inject your runs with some new life and give you an opportunity to share what you love.    


  1. I'm also loving finding a running buddy. I don't think our runs together will be as frequent as yours and Austina's but it's nice to know there's someone to DO this thing with not just talk about it.

  2. it's really changed the way I view running. I look forward to spending the time with her. It's pretty cool.

  3. I had a running buddy but she went and got pregnant! She did the C25K program with me and we did our first 5K together. Without her I probably would have quit and wouldn't have gotten this far. Glad you found a buddy.

  4. thanks for the comment Victoria :) Silly friends who go and get pregnant lol. How are you staying motivated without her?

  5. I run with 3-4 buddies at a time on any given day. Then on Sundays, long run day, I run with a club. Running with others is a fabulous time to vent, but I also find that I appreciate running alone (and my music) much more because I run with others so often. Of course, for safety, nothing beats a running buddy.

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