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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Post Baby Running - week 1

It took the threat of a price increase to get me to register for my post baby half marathon.

I picked a local race, one that I have already raced in, thinking it would give me the confidence to attempt a half marathon 7 months after having my third baby. I know that there are superwomen out there who run 100 milers, 2 weeks after giving birth, and stop at rest stations to breastfeed their child. I am so NOT that woman. 

I'm more of the wearing my husband's running shirts because mine still don't fit right and his are long enough to cover my gigantic just had a baby bottom. Oh and there's probably spit up on that shirt because I had to burp the baby 5 minutes before I could escape out the door. Then there's the deer in headlights look that I have because I went to bed, for the third time, at 5:30 only to get back up at 6:50 to get the family up and ready for the day. 

Quite the attractive picture huh?

At this point, when 2 miles are torturous and my fuel belt still doesn't fit, it's hard to imagine that I'll be able to complete 13.1 miles.

Hard to imagine but still possible. 

I strongly believe that if I hadn't been so diligent (some might say obsessed) about exercising while I was pregnant, I wouldn't be in any position to train for this race. Just during the past week I've been able to increase my speed, cutting a few minutes off my 2 mile time. It wasn't something that I did intentionally, it just happened. Don't get me wrong, it's still hard but I can feel my body submitting and answering to the demands I'm putting on it.

I've been debating whether or not I should share my weekly mileage/pace with you. I'm generally in the not sharing camp because I never want anyone to feel that my slow pace is their fast pace or visa versus. And in this instance, coming back from pregnancy, no one should feel that they should do as I'm doing. But I know that there are women out there wanting assurance that they will be back to their normal running selves after having their baby - at least I know I did. So I'm going to share - the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Week 1
Monday: 2.50 mi, 37:22, 14:58/mi

Wednesday: 2 mi, 26:07, 13:03/mi

Friday: 2.14 mi, 27:23, 12:47/mi

Saturday: 3 mi, 38:39, 12:52/mi

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