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Sunday, May 4, 2014

pull ups, Panera, & Post Baby Running: week 2

I had the best of intentions. A picnic lunch at the botanical gardens. My cute kids frolicking among the blossoming flowers. Picture perfect.

Then reality kicked in.

First, as I was pulling E out of her car seat, I noticed it was wet, very wet. Disbelieving that my almost four year old would have an accident, I checked her juice cup. It was perfectly intact. Then I smelled her seat - yep, accident confirmed. Of course, I didn't have an extra set of underwear or clothes for her. Awesome. Thankfully, there was a random Lightining McQueen pull up in my trunk. I'm not really sure why it was there but hey who am I to question these things?

Problem solved.

After we made our way down a flight of stairs with a stroller, we discovered the garden's cafe was closed. By now, everyone is hungry and things are starting to unravel. Oh, did I mention that its like 85 degrees in MAY!

Hunger + heat = ugliness.

We make the wise decision to leave the garden and head to Panera.  However, it was time for baby G to eat. We're all about the schedule is this family. So, I plyed the other children with snacks to hold them over while my husband feeds the baby. Of course, G spits up all over his dad and then all over me. Like down the front of my dress all over me. At this point, W is the only family member not covered in bodily fluids.

Thankfully, Panera's air conditioning and amazing Avocado Chicken Cobb salad reoriented my world and people sat around us so apparently we didn't smell.

Ah, parenting. Not for the meek.

Even in the midst of life's drama, I still managed to get my miles in this week, including my first post baby run with my running partner!

Monday: 3 mi / 39:30 / 13:10

Wednesday: 3.01 mi / 35:09 / 11:40

Friday: 3 mi / 34:08 / 11:23

Saturday: 4 mi / in my semi sleep deprived state I forgot to charge my Garmin so I have no data for this run but I can tell you it was slow. and hot. I think my days of late morning / early afternoon running are numbered.

I'm hoping to get a 5 mile run in sometime this week but with end of school year activities out the wazoo,  I'll let you know how that goes.

Just joining the party? Here's how Week 1 went...
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