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Saturday, August 16, 2014

26.2 Training: Week 1

I have a selective memory when it comes to running marathons. When I sign up for one or start organizing a training plan, it seems exciting, fun, and even easy. Then it starts and I am quickly reminded that sometimes it is not fun and definitely not easy. Especially when training starts in August. In the South. 

Week 1 is done. It wasn't pretty. I can't seem to get comfortable or get settled in quickly enough. This morning it took 6 miles to find my groove, which is a shame because it was only an 8 mile run. 

There are a few things I need to work on including properly fueling during a run and stretching more regularly. I have a nagging soreness in my hip and a stiff toe joint situation going on with both my big toes. I'm such an old lady. 

I'm having those doubts that are common when you start training for a marathon. What if it never gets easier? Can I really do this? Do I even WANT to do this? Will I be ready? I actually had to stop and remind myself that I've felt this way before and still managed to cross the finish line. Then I invoked my mantra: "Trust the Training". I tell people all the time if you put in the miles, you will do it.

Time to take my own advice. 

Week 2 
Tuesday: 3 mi
Wednesday: 5mi
Thursday: 3 mi
Saturday: 9 mi

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