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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

my kids.

Kids say the darnedest things. Here are a few gems from the last couple of DAYS (not weeks. DAYS.)

while watching the PGA Championship 
Me: did you just try to hit your sister with the remote control?
W: mmmm. I don't know.
Me: give to me.
W: but I want to fast forward! There are commercials and TALKING!
Me: little boys who hit their sisters with remote controls have to watch commercials.  

during bedtime prayers...
E: thank you God for pickles
W: (whispering to Seth) pickles? When did you have pickles?
E: (whispering to W) you didn't finish your dinner.

Turn around to see E with a pair of scissors about to cut her hair
Me: NO! NO! NO! We DONOT cut our hair. Paper! We only cut paper! 
E: but Ms. Monica uses scissors to cut hair.
Me: *deep breath* She went to school for that.

E: Mommy what are we having for dinner? 
Me: probably something you won't like. 
E: what is it? Tell me. 
Me: noodles. 
E: I don't like that!
Me: see? I told you.

Me: tomorrow we start swim class! 
E: but I don't want to drain!
Me: drain? You don't want to what?
E: drain! you know DIE! in the pool!
Me: do you mean drown? You don't want to drown in the pool?
E: yes! drain!

I don't know about you but I'm thankful school started today.

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  1. LOL! Kids are hilarious. I am cracking up about the commercials. The horror!

    School starts on Monday here. So close! So close!