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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

I forgot to eat lunch today

I forgot to eat lunch today.

In truth, I did remember, I just wasn't hungry.

Also, it doesn't help that whatever I'm eating, my 17 month old instantly wants.  So, I don't actually get to eat an entire meal unless I want my ear drums blown out by a very loud little person.

He's lucky he's cute.

Back to the lunch thing.

So, I didn't eat but I did have a very large cup of Starbucks Macchiato which in hindsight was a terrible idea.

With sugar and caffeine coursing through my veins and no food in my stomach, I started having hot flashes, then my heart started to race and I was feeling all jittery.

Forgetting that I forgot to have lunch, I thought I was having an anxiety attack. Like a dork, I sat there doing a mental self analysis, trying to figure out what would be making me anxious. Then, I did what every self respecting 34 year old, mother of three would do - I called my mom.

She was at work. That poor woman. Nothing like getting a call from your distressed daughter, who is 14 hours away.  Thankfully, she is a nurse and NEVER visibly panics when I call with some dramatic story. She tells me what to do and sends me on my way. 

It took me about 15 minutes after we got off the phone to realize that the WHOLE issue was caused by the fact I had forgotten to eat lunch. No, that's not embarassing at all.

I bet she calls me tomorrow to remind me to eat.    

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