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Friday, October 23, 2015

podcast drama

I have a new obsession.


I know I'm a few years late to the party but I'm ALL in. 

It started this summer when, overwhelmed by things out of my control, I started walking. Around the block, around the neighborhood, with the kids, and by myself. Getting outside; physically and metaphorically moving away from my anxiety was HUGE for me. Listening to someone yammer in my ears about inane things was HUGE for me.

Right now, I have 7 podcasts I'm hanging out with. I'm pretty fond of most of them.

but here's my issue.

The running community is GINORMOUS. Everybody and their mom runs. Where are the running podcasts?

To be fair, I've only listened to three, with another one recently subscribed to, but so far I'm unimpressed. 

I feel like they are a little preachy and elitist. Here's what you should you do to be awesome. and fast. This person is barely running at all, only 40-50 miles a week (I actually deleted that particular episode when I heard that - I just couldn't deal). This person runs an a 50k, breaks a rib, and then a few weeks later attempts a 100 miler (HA! HA! This is all very normal. Nothing to see here). 

I tend to feel deflated after listening to these podcasts. At times, I have even snorted out loud in disbelief. These are not my people. Or at least, I don't feel like they're my people. I am an average runner, not an elite. My runs, in general, are slower then I would like and there is a definite ebb and flow that controls my running, whether I like it or not. I'm left feeling like the 20-30 miles I put in every week mean nothing.  

I would love to hear stories about everyday runners, the runners I interact with on Twitter and Facebook. Men and women who run to find themselves. Who run to beat cancer. Who run for those who can't. The runners who run because they need to. These are my people. 

So, because I'm aware that I need to get over myself, I'm trying to hold on. To give these podcasts a chance because I could probably learn something.

I can't promise you I'm going to stop rolling my eyes though.

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  1. I'm not an everyday runner, in fact for a while I was running like once every six months! I always was weary of cardio and just stuck to the stationary bike and started with free weights for the longest. But I want a healthy heart. I want to keep up with my future kids, and be able to outrun villains and zombies! (yes, I watch too many thriller/horror lol)

    so I started the C25K program, three runs a week. Running is definitely a rough journey, but I always feel SO GREAT after. "Wow I ran a mile and didn't heave over in breathlessness!?"

    I'm lucky if I get three miles in a week! 50 sounds crazy! I've never listened to podcasts, but I've heard a lot about them. Maybe I'll start to look into them. How do you listen, on your phone?

  2. Great job getting out there! It takes a little while for it to become a habit but it will :) Races are a big motivation for me - a goal to reach for.
    Yes, I listen to them on my phone. I have an iphone so I have a podcast app (which I didn't even know I had until my husband pointed it out to me lol)
    You should check it out!
    Thanks for reading :)