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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

the one where I don't run on National Running Day

Today was National Running Day and I didn't run. I know, I know. I'm a sorry excuse for a runner. All day, my Twitter and Facebook feeds were full of "How are you spending National Running Day?" and pictures of people getting their run on. I spent the day forcing Will to sit on the potty, putting Elin in time out for hitting, and corralling Baby K.

I celebrated a day early by running hill repeats in the rain. Well, actually I ran 2.5 miles to the park then ran hill repeats then ran 2.5 miles back home - in the rain. It was pretty awesome. I had to stuff paper in my shoes to dry them out. (A downside to the newspaper industry shutting down is the loss of quality paper to dry your wet running shoes. Magazine paper does the job but it's not as effective.)

I had the privilege of running those hill repeats with a fellow running Mommy who just had her third baby. Three children to take care of, a home to run, a husband to love, and she still finds time to go running. She rocks my socks. She makes my life look like a cake walk. She's training with a friend for a 5k with a long term plan of completing a 10k and a half marathon. Less then two years ago, she couldn't even run a mile. Now, she's running hill repeats in the pouring rain. Running changed her life. That's what National Running Day is all about - no matter what day you celebrate it.

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  1. Whoo hoo!!! Obviously, I LOVE this post and that is why EVERYDAY is National Running Day in my book! Just thankful I had the courage and the strength to lace IP and take the first step! Run together again soon, please ...?