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Friday, June 1, 2012

the one where I neglect to read the race website before bragging on my blog

Last night as I was posting about my potential future as a trail runner I neglected to do one very important thing; look at the race website. I did that after the post and this is what I found: 

"Up for more of a challenge? The 15k race course is brutal and will test the most seasoned trail runners.  It follows the same route as the 5k for the first two miles. However, the 15k course climbs nearly 2000 feet over the first 5 miles. You will struggle to make it over several gaps and reach the race’s high point of Pinnacle Mountain. As you descend you will be rewarded with spectacular views from Bald Rock and other overlooks. More stream crossings, gnarly roots and jagged rocks will keep you on your toes as you wind your way back down the valley toward the finish."

Seriously? Gnarly roots and jagged rocks? I tweeted my dear friend Maggie and asked her if she was willing to pull my bloodied body out of a stream crossing because that's the only way I'll finish the race. And on the off chance she can't find me because I'm bruised beyond recognition my RoadID will save the day.

RoadID? What is that you might ask? Only a nifty little product that could save your life while you're getting your miles in. Where I run, I figure there are two ways that I could bite the bullet while running. One is to get hit by a car. People don't look both ways before they pull out of fast food parking lots. Apparently having a bucket of chicken in your lap limits the ability of your neck muscles. The second is dogs. I'm from the North where people put their dogs on leashes or fence them in their backyards. Here in the South, people let their dogs roam. The one dog that I'm deathly afraid of is tied down by a chain. One of these days that chain is going to snap and BAM! there goes Lauren. Thankfully, my RoadID will be able to tell whoever comes to my rescue, my name and other pertinent information. 

I might have to pass on this 15k. Seth gave me a horrified look and told me "no" after I read him the race description. This from the man who just a few hours earlier was encouraging me to do the Disney Goofy Challenge (that's where you run a 1/2 marathon and then a full the next day). However, there is a 10k in December on the same trails that Maggie and I are going to be running this month. So I guess I can start my career as a terrified trail runner with the knowledge that I may get hurt but at least I don't have to remember my name or my husband's cell phone number. Thanks RoadID!

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