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Monday, February 4, 2013

Product Review: Montrail Rogue Fly Trail shoes

In December I purchased my very first pair of trail shoes: a pair of Montrails.

I didn't do any research. I basically walked into a running store and said to the obviously very fit, super runner running store employee, "I need a pair of trail shoes."

He gave me a few pairs to try on. One pinched my heel. Another squeezed my toe. Then I tried on the Montrails. As my son would say "comfy, cozy." No pinching, freedom to wigggle my toes, and cool little grippy things on the sole of the shoe. Plus, they were bright red. How could I go wrong? Sold.

These snappy little shoes haven't seen much action since we returned from our Christmas journeys. There has been a ton of rain and many early morning runs that I don't dare to do solo in the woods. My first opportunity to wear them was for an 8 mile trail race. "A race?!" you gasp. I know, I know. I broke one of the cardinal rules of running: NEVER try anything new on race day. NEVER. EVER. This was my first time, I promise.

It could have been ugly but it wasn't. When my pinky toes finally thawed out (it was quite chilly the morning of the race), the shoes felt like I had already broken them in. They are comfortable and lightweight. They gave me great traction on hills and protected my feet from rocks. They even managed to protect the tops of my toes after I slammed into root after root after root. Not too shabby.

All in all, I am quite pleased with my Montrails. I tend to brand loyal so I might be a lifer.

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