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Saturday, February 9, 2013

the one where my son races me up a hill

Last week, when I told my son I was going to run in a race, his response was "you run, I'll watch a movie." Of course, I immediately posted this adorable comment on Facebook, because as a parent of young children, that's just what you do.

A few days later as I was replaying this conversation in my head, it occurred to me that while my children know I run, they rarely get to participate. I log my miles in the wee hours of the morning and am back before they even get out of bed. My husband and I haven't run together since the LBI 18 miler back in July. "Wouldn't it be great", I thought to myself, "if we could go running together as family and give the kids an opportunity to run?"

Cue brilliant idea.

We decided that after I get back from my long run on Saturdays (!) we would, together as a family with the kids in the stroller, run 2 miles. We would then let the kids run the length of our street. Today was our first Family Fun Run.

he wanted to wear a "number race" and I look crazed. Like I  had just run 17 miles or something.
It went very well. I survived a quick 2 mile run with my speedy husband, and the kids loved watching the cars from the comfort of their BOB dualie. 

My son ended up running from the start of our street, up the hill, and then down our driveway. I was very impressed. He told me he was tired, but he kept going. We then went to Subway and had some chocolate milk because every tired runner deserves some chocolate goodness after a "long" run.

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