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Friday, February 8, 2013

the one where a RunnerBox shows up at my house

I'm not a gold digger. I just love presents.

I have evidence. I took the love language test and scored a 9 out of 12 for receiving gifts. Love language confirmed. Sorry husband.

I love to receive gifts and I love to give them. I thrive on finding the perfect present for someone and nothing makes me feel more loved then when someone does the same for me. Store bought, homemade, handcrafted - it doesn't matter. Size and price don't mean a thing. I still have a decoupaged heart my little sister made me for Valentine's Day when I was in high school.

Earlier in the week, I was rambling around on Twitter (who am I kidding? I do that everyday) when I came across a tweet and then a blog post about RunnerBox. Basically, awesome runner people put together a mini shoe box filled with various running goodies and then mail it to your house! Who knew such a thing existed? So, of course, I posted on Facebook letting the people who love me that this would be a awesome present. I live to serve.

Fast forward to today when a RunnerBox showed up in my mailbox!

they shoved a lot of fabulous things in this little box
My friend Katie loves me! THANK YOU KATIE!

Now I have all these fabulous things to try. Energy gum! Protein powder! Accel Gel! I already tried the CocoaVia unsweetened dark chocolate in my spinach smoothie this afternoon. I know, I know chocolate and spinach. Sounds nasty but it actually worked. I am so excited to test run the other products during these last few weeks of my marathon training.   

If you have a loved one who runs a RunnerBox is a great gift; even if their love language isn't receiving gifts.

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