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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Product Review: Altra Zero Drop

After my last marathon, I could not bear to put my feet into my Asics GT-2000's. Although the damage was minor; a blister and at least three sore toe nails, I just couldn't do it. Almost two weeks later and I still have not unpacked them from my running bag.

For my first post marathon run, I went down into the basement and unearthed these beauties...

mine are green...
Please let me introduce you to the Altra Zero Drop. A little freaky looking right? Definitely not your run of the mill running shoe. This shoe has the roomiest toe box I have ever seen. EVER. It's one of their claims to fame. For my injured toesies it was like manna from heaven. This shoe is also supposed to provide you with the benefits of minimalist or barefoot running but with protection and cushioning. Basically, because the heel and the forefoot are the same distance from the ground it allows for a more natural foot strike, therefore helping to reduce the initial impact.

According to their website, this shoe should help reduce a number of common problems runners face. I struggle with big toe joint pain and my high arches and I are engaged in a constant battle. I don't have a full fledged case of plantar fasciitis but I can't wear flat shoes or go barefoot for long periods of time. 

So far, I've put about 14 miles on these things and I'm in love. I had some calf tightness but nothing a good stretch couldn't cure. 

I'm sorry Asics but I think it's time we say goodbye. I found someone else. I would say it's not you, it's me but that would be a lie. It is you. I'm sure you will find someone else and run many miles with them. Just not with me. Thank you for the last 10 years. You will always have a special place in my heart. xoxo

Hello Altra..... *wink, wink*

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