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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Recipe: yogurt covered blueberries

I recently outed myself as a sugar addict and recently outlined my treatment plan. Part of that plan involves eating fresh fruit. As you can see, I'm still eating sugar just not shoving it in large quantities down my gullet.

I don't eat much fruit beyond bananas, apples, and clementines. I tend to be a fruit of opportunity kind of girl. If it's in the house I'll eat it but I rarely think to buy it when I see it in the supermarket. Or even worse, I'll buy it and then forget to eat it before it goes bad. I always feel a little bit guilty when that happens.  

I needed a new approach. Enter Pinterest. Speaking of which, what did we do before this marvel was created? I would have never thought to dip blueberries in honey greek yogurt and freeze them. Thankfully, Sara at The Caffeinated Chronicles of a Supermom is sharing her creativity with the world.

This little snack is ridiculously easy to make. Take a carton of fresh blueberries, dip them them (using a toothpick) in Dannon Oikos honey greek yogurt, put the yogurt covered blueberries on a baking sheet, and put those blue beauties in the freezer for about an hour.

Voila! A ready to eat, yummy, healthier snack option.

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