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Sunday, July 7, 2013

50k Training: week 1

I knew when I signed up for this race that I would have to train for it during the summer. In April, though, it's hard to remember that running in 80+ degree weather sucks. I got a reprieve for the first half of the week: while all my friends were complaining about the humidity, I was running in cooler, rainy Eastern Ohio. 

Well, now I'm not in Ohio anymore and it is HOT OUT THERE. As in I start sweating on the way to the car not to mention how much I sweat when I'm actually running. Yesterday, I was able to get the bulk of the miles in before the sun really started to cook the Earth. That was not the case for today's run. oh baby. Even the mosquitoes were grossed out by my extra sweaty self.     

Tues: 3 miles w/ Seth. I was scheduled to run 2 but I couldn't reconcile getting up early and getting dressed to only run 2 miles.  

Wed: 2 miles / I'm on vacation which means I eat way more then I should and I eat things that are not nice to my colon. Bad colon day. (I have mild ulcerative colitis that I take medication for).  

Thurs: 4 mile race / Seth paced me to a PR!  

Sat: 8 miles / this run can be summed up in three words: hills, hills, hills.

views from the trail
Sun: 6 trail miles / Seth ran before me this morning so I didn't get out until 10 or so. I planned on running a trail system by my Dad's house so that I could take advantage of the shade. Even though it was like a million degrees it was such a beautiful and peaceful place to run. A nice way to end my first week of training.  

trees blocking the path - I climbed over them

Week 2 Schedule

Mon: 0    Tue: 2    Wed: 2    Thurs: 4    Fri: 0    Sat: 10    Sun: 6    Total: 24


  1. Wow beautiful pictures from the trail! YAY for having week 1 in the bag! :)

    ~ Lora at Crazy Running Girl

  2. thank you! It really was gorgeous out there I can't believe it took me this long to run it :)

  3. It can be kind of daunting being at Week 1 especially when it falls in the heat! I did my first 56km race earlier this year and currently am training for a marathon and even that feels like a lot ahead of me! You're lucky that you have such nice trails to train on!

  4. Nikki do you have any advice for the 50k? Anything you wish you knew beforehand?