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Sunday, July 14, 2013

50k Training: week 2

Week 2 and already we have a hiccup. I did something to my knee. I'm not sure what: one minute it was fine and the next it wasn't. Now it hurts to bend it - I'm walking down stairs like a robot. 

I'm making the aggravating decision to skip today's 6 miles. I normally have Mondays off so I'm hoping 2 days of rest and ice will take care of whatever this is because I refuse to be sidelined with a ridiculous, out of nowhere injury.

I've also been struggling with tight Achilles tendons. This happens from time to time but seems particularly worse this time around. Yesterday's 10 mile run was downright horrible for the first 5 miles, even after I stopped two or three times to stretch them out. I think the hilly terrain I've been running this last week or so hasn't helped the situation.  

Tues: 4 / I was scheduled to run 2 but it was overcast and there was a cool breeze so 2 turned into 4. I ended that run with a smile on my face.

Wed: 4 / We were visiting my Dad and he wanted to take the kids to the Crayola Experience so I switched Wednesday & Thursday's run and ran 4 on the trails. Another run that ended with a smile.

Thurs: 2 / This run can be summed up in one word: painful. My husband said that the grimace on my face was actually scaring him. My Achilles were burning and were so tight that I wasn't sure I'd even be able to finish the run. There was a lot of stretching going on after that run.

Sat: 10 / It's easy to achieve negative splits when the first half of your run BLOWS HUGE CHUNKS. Between the humidity and the lower half of my legs, I seriously considered laying down in the fetal position and never getting up again.  Thankfully, some Gu Chomps, a visit to the bathroom, and some more stretching led to a much better second half.

Week 3

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  1. What a frustrating week. I'm so sorry. It sounds like everything ended on a good note, and I hope your Achilles continues to improve.

  2. Hope the Achilles continues to improve, great end to the week :)