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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

knee drama

As I mentioned in my 50k training: week 2 post I did something funky to my knee.

On Saturday, I ran 10 miles and then walked around the island of Manhattan for hours. As I walked down the steps leaving the High Line, I put my left foot down and immediately felt a painful twinge in my knee. It got worse as the day progressed and by bedtime I couldn't bend my knee at all. 

It was noticeably swollen the next day and I began to wonder if I had banged it and the stress of a long run and walking was just too much. 

I have missed 2 runs, or 8 miles, because of this ridiculousness. I'm trying hard to remember that I have a good mileage base and resting now ensures I'll be healthy to run later. But it's hard to keep things in perspective when your training schedule keeps moving forward and you're standing (or sitting) still.

Today it's better but still not a 100%. I'm hanging out in a recliner, watching cartoons with my kids, only getting up to switch ice packs. It helps that we're in the middle of a heat wave so I don't feel as guilty for being lazy, oh, I mean resting.

Hoping against hope my scheduled 2 miles happens tomorrow... 


  1. Oh, Lauren, my only excuse if 98 degrees and 43% humidity... My legs feel fine.

  2. Injury is officially plaguing Crown Chasers Running Club of North GA :( It is just ridiculous....my knee, Jason's arch, Heather's back. Craziness. Hope your knee allows you to run tomorrow!