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Thursday, August 1, 2013

How Running Changed My Life: Jason Guillorn

The first time I met Jason was a water fountain in our local park. We were both training for a marathon and chatted a bit about training and races. At the time, I assumed he had always been a runner and a healthy, fit individual. It wasn't until very recently that I learned he used running to completely overhaul his life. 

1. What is your story?
My story began in February of 2011 when I was the heaviest I have ever been at 225 pounds. I wanted to start losing weight not only for myself but mostly for my family. I'm a husband, a father, a son, a grandson, a brother, a co-worker and a friend. I want to be around for them for a long time. 

I had never been a runner so I knew that it was going to be hard. I downloaded the Couch 2 5k app on my iPod and started running 3 days a week. After I finished the 5k program, I then progressed to a 10k program, then a half marathon program, and then a marathon program. I recently became a certified running coach through Road Runners Club of America. I also help coach a kids track & field team and we are starting a cross country team this fall through Fusion Sports and Recreation. I am also a part of a local running club, Crown Chasers, and am excited to get it up and running. 

2. How has running changed your life?
WOW.......so much! The obvious stuff is the weight loss, 45lbs to date, and the smaller clothes. I love to drink water, I would have never said that before my journey started. I used to drink close to a 2 liter of Coke a day. I also love all kinds of fruits, vegetables and healthy foods now. I have encouraged others in my life (family, friends and coworkers) to make some lifestyle changes. I could say the biggest change in my life is that I feel like Jesus has given me PASSION and purpose for my life. 

3. What obstacles have you faced?
I would say the biggest obstacle for me has been trying to balance my family, work, volunteering, and my training. My wife Tracy, and our kids have been so supportive of my running. 

4. What advice would you give someone who is just starting on their running journey?
I recommend you first go see a doctor and make sure you get checked out. Then just get out there and WALK! Start slow and work your way up to a running program. I would then say to find a good program or hire a running coach to help you out. One thing I regret not doing is keeping a journal of MY STORY. It would be great write everything down and take pictures of yourself. Also, let family and friends know what your goals are and let them help you and encourage you while on your journey.

5. What are some of your goals?
I would like to qualify for the Boston Marathon at some point. I am watching two of my goals come into maturity now. Those goals are the formation of Crown Chasers and my volunteer work with Fusion Sports and Recreation. I am so glad that I GET to be a part of both of them. With both of these ministries I hope that I can help kids and adults make some life style changes.

Jason and his wife Tracy, July 2010
photo courtesy of Jason Guillorn
Jason and Tracy, May 2013
photo courtesy of Jason Guillorn

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