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Friday, August 30, 2013

My new favorite thing ever: Kindrunner.com

I ordered a new pair of running shoes the other day.

Online. And not from Amazon.

Normally, I'm a local running shop kind of girl. Well, not quite local, as I usually shop at the running store by my in-laws' house about 9 hours away. I didn't need shoes when we last visited, and I'm too lazy to make the 40 minute drive to visit the closest metropolis - so online I went.

When I finally decided which shoe I wanted - which was more stressful that I'd like to admit - I went to a few different sites to compare prices.  Usual list of suspects: Running Warehouse, Road Runner Sports etc... and then an unexpected rookie: KindRunner.
I first learned about KindRunner on Twitter. All these cool people that I follow were all like "buy shoes from kindrunner!" and "buy a pair, give a pair!" and "free shipping! free returns! free re-shipping!" So much excitement. So much use of the word "free".

Kindrunner, you had me at free shipping.

Kindrunner, you had me when you gave me the Confident Runner Price and saved me some cash.

Kindrunner, you had me when you said you'll take my gently used shoes and give them to people in need and then (if that wasn't enough) you will give me $10 in Kindness Cash Rewards. $10 that I can use towards my next purchase (or hoard like the cheap miser that I am).

Kindrunner, you had me when I received my shoes in a timely fashion, with a note stating that as one of your first 500 customers, I will receive free socks for life! Every time I buy a pair of shoes, you will send me a pair of FREE socks! And not just any old pair of socks, but a pair of fancy smancy Brooks socks!

Stick a fork in me, I'm done. I am a KindRunner for life. 


  1. Yay for great prices and free socks! I am planning to order my next shoes from them too.