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Saturday, October 5, 2013

friends that run together, stay together

Today was my last long run, 12 miles, before the Cincinnati 1/2 on October 19th. 

My husband was racing in a local 5k, so I had to get myself out of bed nice and early to get my miles in before he had to leave.

"Why hello 4:48am, aren't you dark and a little scary"?

I've been re-reading Harry Potter and at one point, while looking over a misty field, I was half convinced I could see a werewolf bounding towards me. My fastest miles were probably the ones where I was the most scared.   

This was the first solo long run I've done in awhile. The miles take a little longer to tick by and there's a lot more inner dialogue that can make your mind go all funky (cue misty field/werewolf thoughts). Overall, however, it was a good run and comforting to know that despite the step backs, I am and will be capable of finishing the race. 

I get to run this race with two incredible ladies: my best friend and my college roommate. Distance keeps us apart but running is bringing us back together. I expect there will be lots of laughter and even some tears. Totally worth the 18 hr round trip in one weekend.

thankfully they get it.

Have you been able to share your love of running with your close friends? Have you been able to race with friends?

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  1. Racing with friends is the best! I haven't gotten to run with friends lately. I miss it!