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Monday, June 29, 2015

fall marathoning at it's finest

This year has been epic.

Two marathons down with two more to go.

My 9th marathon is scheduled for October 11th, and on October 30, I should be crossing the finish line of my 10th marathon - securing my spot in the 50 States Marathon Club.

Training starts tomorrow.

Along the way, I'm planning on volunteering at a local half marathon to get that warm, ooey, gooey feeling that comes with watching others achieve their goals.

I've had about two months to recover from more then a half a year of training. I was worried that I would be mentally and physically exhausted but my runs lately have gone well and I'm excited about this new phase of training.  

This time around, I've decided to go with a mix of Hal Higdon's Novice II and Intermediate I training plans. I'm going to pick and choose the distances that work well for me and push myself a little harder then I have been.

It's a bit overwhelming to think that I am so close to achieving a goal that I've been working towards for a few years. I've always said once I hit 10 then I would take a break and hit other states when I could. Well, I've already signed up for a race in January (Mississippi) and I'm secretly trying to figure out when I can get a spring Kentucky race on the schedule. I might have a problem.

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