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Thursday, June 25, 2015

running things in list form

I had every intention on posting before we left for our massively long visit every family member in the Eastern part of the United States trip but then I remembered I had a billion things to do and blogging was very low on the to do list.

I somehow managed to get everyone and everything packed and here we are in NE Ohio, where the weather is BEAUTIFUL. Nothing like that furnace I left behind in Georgia. Running has been fabulous.

Which leads me to a quick list of running related things...

1. #100milesinamonthstreak is still going strong. June was another month where I was all like "ahhh probably not going to happen" but I only need 16 miles over the next 5 days to make it which is easy peasy.

2. Marathon training for the Mainly Marathons Appalachian series and the Greenville Marathon starts next week. I'm running 2 marathons in the same month. Even I can't believe that. Just goes to show you that anything is possible :)

3. One night during #runchat on Twitter, someone mentioned that they used #earthathon as a means of motivation to get up and out the door to go for a run. I had no idea what #earthathon was. So I did what any self respecting smart phone user would do and googled it and this is what I discovered...

 "EARTHATHON is a 25,000-mile running relay.
We tweet our running in miles or km to #earthathon.
Run anywhere.  One team, one planet.
Join Us Today.
Be A Part of Something Big.
Become an “Earthathoner”

Pretty cool huh?
I joined team #uponeaglewings and have already met some amazingly supportive and encouraging people. The relay officially kicks off on July 1st so head over to www.earthathonrelay.com and get signed up! 

4. I am sick to death of EVERY SINGLE song on my running playlist. If you have any new favorites, old favorites, suggestions please let me know. I'm not picky. 

6. The Ohio Metroparks System is the greatest thing EVER. Miles of paved roads that are free from traffic, meandering through woods and backyards. So far on this trip, I have run a very pleasant 12 miles and look forward to logging some more. If you live here and are not utilizing this amazing thing, you should be ashamed of yourself.  

5. Not running related but worth noting is that I made the questionable decision to start reading Moby Dick. There's a whole chapter just about the different types of whales. A whole chapter. I'm determined to read the whole thing. Sometimes, the skills you need as a long distance runner can be applied to other areas of your life. Or at least that's what I keep telling myself.  

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