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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Product Review: Injinji Toesocks

Happy National Running Day!

I hope you take the time today to get out there and enjoy a run. Ditch the watch, forgo the music, and just enjoy the sound of your feet hitting the pavement or trail. You won't regret it!

On this day celebrating the wonderfulness that is running, I have a product review for you!

Injinji Toesocks!

To be fair, I didn't actually test these out myself. I bought these for my husband as an early Father's Day present because A. he is awesome and B. his feet are funky.

I tried to get him to try these socks out when he first started running but that was before he learned the golden rule of running: COTTON KILLS and was too cheap to invest in quality running accouterments.

Needless to say, when I saw a coupon in my virtual goody bag from the Pittsburgh Marathon, I knew the time had come.

Since I do the laundry around here I know that he's been wearing them, so I asked him to sum up the socks in a few words...

These socks serve well as compression socks: they fit well and snuggly and don’t slip.  So far, they have have done a great job of wicking away moisture.  I haven’t run in the rain with them yet, but they have kept my feet sweat-free in this humid, Georgia summer.

Perhaps the greatest thing about these socks, however, is their blister control. Recently, I have begun to get blisters between several of my toes.  By separating my toes into separate compartments, wicking away moisture, and preventing my toes from rubbing against each other, these socks have eliminated my toe blisters.  I have wore these socks on four runs of 10-miles or more and haven’t had a single blister.
The only negative thing I can say regarding these socks so far is that they do not provide much padding or cushioning. My feet have been sore after each of my runs with these socks.  To be fair, the pair I have are the “lightweight” version – it is entirely possible that other types provide more in this area.  Also, I have begun to use these socks on my longer runs (10+ miles), so it is only natural that my feet would be sore afterwards.
He's so cute.
Personally, I'm all about socks the keep him blister free so I don't have to cringe when he asks me to rub his feet. 
So, not only will these socks make your significant other WANT to rub your feet but because you took the time to read this review you can get them at a discount too!
Visit Injinji's website and use the code : runningslowly15 for 15% off a pair of your very own Injinji toesocks! 
Let me know what you think!

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