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Sunday, March 3, 2013

the one where the weather channel tells a fib

I ran 21 miles yesterday. In the snow. In the rain. In the sunshine. Seriously, it was like one of those movies where the evil genius creates a weather machine and then reeks havoc on the unsuspecting public.

When I went to put my Garmin outside to find a signal, it was raining. In the 10 minutes or so it took me to get my shoes on it started to snow. In Georgia. On March 2nd. Snow. Are you getting how crazy that is? Snow. Big, huge snowflakes that made my pants wet and stuck to my cheeks. It has been quite awhile since I've run in the snow. I realized that living in the South has made me weak and I need to move.

Around mile 12 or 13 it stopped snowing and starting lightly raining. The sun started to shine at about mile 17  and continued to shine for the rest of the day.

The schizophrenic weather sort of resembles my state of mind these days. Tomorrow, my husband and I are leaving for a trip - without our kids - for five days. I love to travel but I also love routine. Taking a trip and leaving our kids with someone else is nerve wracking. I've also decided (drum roll please) not to bring my running gear. That's 5 days of not running, and although we are going to be doing a lot of walking, I can't help but mourn those missed miles.

The Knoxville Marathon is fast approaching. I have one more long run then it's taper time. I am a bundle of excitement and nerves. The rest of my race schedule for the year is starting to take shape. I'm racing more this year then I have ever before - including the Cincinnati half marathon in October with my best friend and college roommate.

So while you're out there hitting the road and the trails this week - think of me. I'll be strolling down the streets of Paris and only feeling a tiny bit bad about missing my miles :)    

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