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Saturday, April 11, 2015

Anyone want to run a FREE race?

I signed up for another marathon.


During my brief stint as a possible Marathon Maniac, I came across a post about Mainly Marathons.

I had never heard of this group that holds 5 and 7 day, multi-state series all over the country. It's a 50 State Marathoner's dream come true.

Basically, they stage a week's worth of races, in different states, all within drive-able distance. One day you can race in West Virginia and the next in Virginia. It's a great way to add states in a short amount of time. You can race any day in a series or do all of them. Their races pride themselves on being low key, do not have time limits, and everyone from walkers to elites are welcome.

And did I mention registration was FREE!

This year, as a part of their 3 year anniversary, they are giving away 1 FREE registration to any one of their races.

There are a few stipulations (nothing tragic) that you can read about here on their website.

I signed up for the Appalachian Race series Day 1 in West Virginia. The thing that's making me slightly nervous about this one is that it's a lap race. The course is 2.184 miles and it will take 12 laps to complete it. 12 laps. The same 2.184 miles x 12. I have NEVER done anything like that before. It's either going to be totally awesome or it's totally going to suck.

Either way I'll be hanging out in West Virginia on an October morning if anyone would like to join me!    

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