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Monday, April 27, 2015

it takes a village

On Friday morning, my family & I are traveling from Georgia to Pennsylvania.

On Saturday, we're going to a family wedding.

From the wedding, we're heading to Ohio to stay at my in-laws and the next morning driving to Pittsburgh so that I can run my 8th marathon. 

As with most things, when I planned this little excursion, I didn't really think it through.

The conversation with my husband went something like this, "OH! We'll already be in PA why not run a marathon while we're there?"

God has blessed me with an amazing man who just smiles at my crazy ideas and goes along with it. He's the one who now has to drive a gazillion miles all over the Eastern seaboard just so that his wife can cross Pennsylvania off her #50marathons50states list. 

God has also blessed me with amazing best friends who are driving 5 hours, with two kids and one in utero, to watch my kids so that I can run said marathon. They are also bringing homemade cookies and muffins. Am I not the luckiest girl ever?

And if that wasn't enough, my husband's amazing Aunt & Uncle agreed to drive to Pittsburgh to pick up my race packet for me and deliver it to my in-laws.   

Clearly, it takes a village for a runner to run a marathon. 

And I couldn't be more thankful for my village. 

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