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Sunday, July 15, 2012

the one where I eat too much

Week 1 of marathon training is complete. Total number of miles: 19. Number of those miles run on hills: 16. Number of times my calves have screamed and begged me to stop: countless. I won't give you the count of the number of cupcakes, cookies, or bowls of ice cream I have eaten in the last few days because it's just obscene.
we tend to eat a lot of ice cream (yes, that's my in the background shoving a cookie into my mouth)
Yesterday morning, I ran my long run of 8 miles and then proceeded to walk all over the isle of Manhattan with my Mother. To say that my legs are tired would be an understatement. My Mom and I make this trip into the city every year. We wander up along the Hudson, take The High Line, walk through a street fair, have dinner, and just talk. It is beyond wonderful. 

NYC is the 4th stop on our Summer Grand Voyage. The kids are being completely spoiled by their Grandmother, who everyday brings them a new gift. I am being spoiled by my Gram's incredible cooking and am enjoying being able to run my old routes. I forgot how hilly this place is. This morning, I ran negative splits but that was only because it was all downhill. I'm looking forward to another week of running through my favorite parks and then we're off to the beach! Hopefully, all that ice cream and those cookies will not reflect too badly on my beach physique.  
Bunch of July birthday babies

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