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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

the one where we live out of a suitcase for a month

Living far away from family and friends has a few benefits. One, I don't have to worry too much about the state of my house because no one is going to drive 11 hours to make a surprise visit. Two, no one really knows how fresh my daughter is. They see cute pictures of her on Facebook and are fooled by the wispy blond hair and big blue eyes. The girl is straight up out of control. If this is any insight into her teenage years, I am in so much trouble. 

Overall though, it's pretty terrible to be separated by so much distance. It's hard on the kids, hard on us, and hard on everyone who loves us. We try to make it home (either to Ohio or NY) as much as possible. Currently, we are on Day 13 of our month long summer trip. By the end, we will have visited 4 different households and 5 different places. You haven't lived until you've dragged your kids all over the Eastern seaboard.  

First up was Bellbrook, OH; home to our dear friends from college. It's wonderful being able to spend time with people who knew you before you had kids. It's almost as if they help you to excavate that fun, carefree, relaxed part of yourself that disappeared among diapers and constant screams of "NO!". Our friends have a daughter of their own and another on the way. It will be a long time before either of us will be child free but its comforting to know that we're in it together.    

the future members of the commune
Right now, we're in Canfield, OH, visiting with my in-laws. My kids love their Nana & Papa and all the attention they receive. Papa takes them for walks and Nana chases down wayward golf balls. There is a pantry full of treats and a dog to chase around the house. For Seth & I, being here means help with the kids. Other people to pull screaming toddlers out of booster seats that they strapped themselves into and other people to screw golf heads back on after W chips one too many balls out of the "rough". Right now, I'm sitting on the porch swing listening to music while E naps and Seth, his mom, brother, and W are out playing mini golf. I almost don't know what to do with myself. It is wonderful.  

E & Seth modeling Nana's creations
Papa making Chocolate Zucchini cake
Seth and I are still running. He starts training for his first full marathon this week and I start training for mine the week after. We're running in a local 4 mile race on July 4th (my 31st! birthday), and W is going to run the 1/2 mile kids run with his Papa. I have BIG plans to shave a few minutes off my time from last year. Let's hear it for a PR! Woot, woot!

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