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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

the one where we buy a zoo (well, not really)

 Today, we visited the Staten Island Zoo. It is great to be able to take my children to the same places that I went when I was their age. It is also kind of surreal. Who knew I was old enough to have kids that would enjoy a morning at the Zoo?

E the Penguin Girl
W the Penguin Boy

The Zoo is small enough that you can do it before the melt downs begin and has enough cute little animals to hold any hyperactive child's attention. To name a few, we saw pigs, fish, otters, chickens, & lemurs. W and his cousins petted a snake and E attempted to pet a donkey.
E and Cousin Emma checking out the Leopard
I attempted to get a few group shots and pretty much failed. They were semi cooperative for this shot though...

Note: NOT a real snake!
 It occurred to me today that when we do things like this, as a family, we're creating memories that my children will look back on. It is my responsibility to make those memories as fun and enjoyable as they can be - regardless of the heat or anything else. Changes the perspective a little bit doesn't it?  

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