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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Product Review: JWalking Designs Running Skirts

When I first started running, I was baffled by running skirts.

Why would you want to run in a skirt?

It took me an embarrassingly long time to realize that there are shorts under those skirts.

Now, that that dilemma was solved, I had another pressing concern...

how long are those shorts?

One year, while on vacation, I forgot my running shorts. I tried to run in a pair of cotton shorts that I used to walk to and from the beach.

BIG mistake.

The thigh chafing was epic.

Ever since then, when I see a pair of shorts shorter then 5", I cringe. literally. I literally cringe from the memory of that awful experience.

Most running skirts don't have shorts that are longer then 3". In fact, most don't even tell you the length of the short which isn't helpful for a girl suffering from PTTCS (post traumatic thigh chafing disorder).

Last week, during #runchat on Twitter, Alison from JWalking Designs reached out to me to let me know about her fabulous running skirts with a 5" short!

photo courtesy of JWalking Designs
These fabulous little skirts are made in the USA and constructed from eco-friendly recycled material. They are lightweight, breathable, and comfortable to wear in both hot and cold temperatures. 

Alison kindly agreed to give me a discount on a skirt and although I am completely in LOVE with the plaid skirts, I chickened out and ordered the little black active skirt. I wasn't wholly convinced I would wear the plaid skirt unless I had a perfectly matching shirt. It's an issue I've had since childhood. 

Within a few days of ordering, I had my skirt and took it for a 3 mile run on a nature trail near my in-law's house.

I ordered a medium and it fits like a dream. The wide waistband holds in the smush left over from my babies. There are 3 pockets, one on the back and one on each side. The longer length of the skirt keeps me covered but still feels flattering.

While running, I noticed that the shorts do tend to ride up. Now, given my thigh chafing history, I may be overly aware of such things. Honestly, I think adding a strip of elastic to the bottom of the short to help keep it in place would cement this skirt's place as the greatest running skirt EVER. 

It really is a fabulous little skirt that you can wear ANYWHERE to do ANYTHING. The gym. The playground with the kids. The supermarket. The school drop off line. The options are pretty much limitless and if that wasn't enough....

I HAVE A DISCOUNT CODE!!! (is there anything better then finding something awesome and being able to save a little money at the same time? I think not.)

Take your little fingers, head over to jwalkingdesigns.com, and use the code RUNNINGMOMS to receive a 10% discount! 

A BIG thank you to Alison for sharing her great product with the RSWK family!

If you purchase a skirt, please reach out to Alison via Twitter @JWalkingDesigns and let her know what you think!

*Disclaimer: while I received a discount towards the purchase of a skirt, all opinions & views expressed are my own.*

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