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Saturday, July 30, 2016

Product Review: Nordic Track 1650 Treadmill

So my husband bought me a treadmill.

A Nordic Track 1650c to be exact. 

I never thought I would say this but I'm kinda in love. It's pretty awesome having a machine in your basement that's always there. Just waiting for you to turn it on and pound out some miles. 

I don't have a magic formula to help you pick the best treadmill for you. My husband is a bit of a tech geek and loves to research things so we subscribe to Consumer Reports. I read and re-read their article on treadmills about 10 times before I decided this little gem was for me. 

The machine itself works like a charm. Smooth ride, easily accessible buttons. There is a tablet holder that my 1st generation iPad fits in perfectly. I use a portable speaker because I like everything, except my kids, to be as loud as possible. 

The console is equipped with iFit, which is this interactive, monthly fee thing that supposedly does really cool things. I do not have iFit but I do have Netflix on my iPad which completes my life.

My only complaint would be that I wish there was a cool down option. When you're finished running you can either slow the pace down to walking or just hit stop. You could also start another workout to cool down but that just seems like too much work after a bunch of treadmill miles.  


As a Mom of 3, this treadmill was a HUGE help during my 50k training. I was able to run at night when the kids were in bed or in the mid-morning when the babies were napping. There was no stress about getting my miles in while my husband was traveling. This particular treadmill suits my needs perfectly and I would highly recommend it.  

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